Eric Church - Desperate Man - Album Review
Eric Church - Desperate Man - Album Review9
Eric Church - Desperate Man - Album Review9
Eric Church - Desperate Man - Album Review9
Eric Church - Desperate Man - Album Review9
Eric Church - Desperate Man - Album Review9
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If you’re after some bluesy country rock then look no further than ​Eric Church​. His latest album ​Desperate Man w​as released on the 5th October with his fan club “The Church Choir” receiving it first.

Church brings back that old school feel to Country music with this latest offering. With Rock and Roll music starting from Blues music this album takes that Blues feel and pulls it into the modern day. Church brings that southern charm and creates a sound that is made to be listened to on a warm summer’s night. While many albums are full of of faster tracks,Desperate Man s​lows things down with more easy going tracks. That’s not to say he hasn’t brought those toe tapping anthems with tracks such as “Hanging Around” and title track “Desperate Man”. While “Jukebox and A Bar” is very much a southern ballad.

Desperate Man i​s an album that is Country Blues through and through. Church has brought the sounds of the south up to date and created an album that is easy to listen to and enchanting to hear. Church has produced a fine album indeed that end’s and flows as it takes you on a musical journey though the mind of the great man himself, never one to shy away from controversy, Desperate Man will showcase his fine song writing all carried through his own unique voice and take on modern day Country.

You cant help but get pulled in by its charm and essence throughout, Church has knocked it out of the park once again.

Desperate Man is available now via Snakefarm Records.




1. The Snake
2. Hangin’ Around
3. Heart Like a Wheel 4. Some of It
5. Monsters
6. Hippie Radio
7. Higher Wire
8. Desperate Man
9. Solid
10. Jukebox and a Bar

11. Drowning Man




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