This is Entrails fifth studio album since they reformed back in 2008 and has a very definitive Swedish death metal early 90’s sound. It is ten tracks of savage power and grind which is what you have come to expect from these guys, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and from the title track to the closer it is like being time warped back to the early – mid 90’s with brutal growling vocals from Tommy Carlsson, to match his equally heavy bass and Martin Michaelsson’s drumming. The riffs and solos from Jimmy Lundqvist and Pontus Samuelsson add that bit of groove that is needed.

The title track “World Inferno” gives you the blistering opening you would expect from a speed metal band but that is quickly pushed aside as Carlsson lets rip from the depths of hell with a savage vocal assault. It is a cracking track to open the album and “Condemned To The Grave” continues the assault and has a great drum back up that sounds very Entombed “Clandestine” like which is amazing. “Serial Murder (Death Squad)” starts very doom like, not as downtuned, but ominous sounding indeed. It then kicks the tempo up and has a near groove feel off it, with the vocals nearly matching the speed of the drums and guitars making it an excellent track and a stand out on this album. “The Soul Collector” is of similar vein but maybe a little heavier and punchier than its predecessor and again is a stand out track. “Dead And Buried” is a solid track with excellent riffs and vocals.

“Insane Slaughter” starts out like an episode of Vikings with eriee music and chains rattling until it explodes with a guttural growl from Carlsson and massive drums. It then it proceeds to rip you apart limb from limb with amazing speed and riffs. It is without a doubt THE standout track on the album, an absolute classic. “Into Eternal Fire” is another strong track and has a very Amon Amarth sound from it which is not a bad thing continuing the Swedish sound throughout the album. “The Hour Of The Casket” is the darkest and heaviest track on the album by far and is a bullish track, showing the range of the band going from slow to fast to brutal in the space of four odd minutes. The guitars are sublime and Carlsson’s growls are chilling, an overall quality track.

The album closer “The Blood Breed” is a solid enough number that doesn’t let up from start to finish and is a good way to round up a very good album from the Swedish Death Metalers.

World Inferno is out 16th June Via Metal Blade Records 

Reviewed By Conor O’Hanlon 


Entrails are

Jimmy Lundqvist              Guitar

Tommy Carlsson               Vocals/Bass

Pontus Samuelsson         Guitar        

Martin Michaelsson         Drums


Entrails discography:
2009 – Reborn – demo
2009 – Human Decay – demo
2010 – Tales From The Morgue – album – FDA Rekotz
2011 – The Tomb Awaits – album – FDA Rekotz
2013 – Raging Death – album – Metal Blade Records
2014 – Berzerk – 7″ – Metal Blade Records
2014 – Resurrected From The Grave-Demo Collection – album – Metal Blade Records
2015 – Obliteration – album – Metal Blade Records
2017 – World Inferno – album – Metal Blade Records


Entrails - 'World Inferno' - Album Review
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