Endless - 'Mad Sick Mind' - Album Review
Endless - 'Mad Sick Mind' - Album Review9
Endless - 'Mad Sick Mind' - Album Review9
Endless - 'Mad Sick Mind' - Album Review9
Endless - 'Mad Sick Mind' - Album Review9
Endless - 'Mad Sick Mind' - Album Review9
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Brutal yet melodic whilst being intense and relaxing, this new album by Endless has it all. The fifth album by the band, which was originally a side project, is made up of ten new tracks along with three tracks from previous albums that have been remastered with new vocals and remixed and mastered.


Mad Sick World fits firmly under the bracket of Brutal Death Metal with blast beats and a pace that if it was any quicker they would blend into one. The production switches the guitars from being the support for the drums, then they really come to the fore to create a small reprieve of melody before the pummelling resumes.


‘Part of God’ is an atmospheric musical interlude with string instruments before the onslaught resumes with some Technical Death/Brutal excellence. We even hear some Industrial influences as well as orchestral involvement that would usually be associated with Black Metal.


The complex range of sounds are blended together fantastically to produce an exciting and enjoyable Brutal Death record that punishes and rewards the listener. It is not for the light of heart, nor for the fan of clean vocals. However, if you like intense Brutal and a sound that destroys everything in its path, then this is for you.


Ed Ford



Track List

1. ‘Intro’
2. ‘Destroy My Life’
3. ‘Suicide’
4. ‘I Convince Myself Again’
5. ‘Where Is Your God?’
6. ‘Mad Sick Mind’
7. ‘Part of God’
8. ‘Memories Cut Skin Deep’
9. ‘Feel Nothing’
10. ‘Inner Beast’
11. ‘Know Yourself’
12. ‘Last Dream’
13. ‘The Extinction of the Species’



Web: http://endlessbanda.blogspot.com.es
Bandcamp: https://endlessp.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/endlessbandspain

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/endless_band


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