Eliminator - 'Last Horizon' - Album Review
Eliminator - 'Last Horizon' - Album Review7
Eliminator - 'Last Horizon' - Album Review7
Eliminator - 'Last Horizon' - Album Review7
Eliminator - 'Last Horizon' - Album Review7
Eliminator - 'Last Horizon' - Album Review7
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The debut release from Eliminator hits the shelves and if you’re a fan of Classic British Metal you’re going to love this.

With harmonising guitars, souring vocals and impressive guitar solos this is a throw back to a sound dominated by the likes of Iron Maiden. The 8 tracks span 43 minutes and take you on a nostalgic journey that sounds similar to things you have experienced yet, ever so slightly different.

The first incarnation of the band formed in 2008, however as with many bands, the line up hasn’t remained the same throughout the years. Hoping to have found the magic formula, Last Horizon welcomes the latest addition to the New Wave Of Classic Rock movement and are hoping to dominate the recent resurgence in a modern classic sound.

There is no doubt that they are very good at what they do and this is not a Maiden cover band, more of a heavy influence aiming to give fans of the sound another option.

The sound may be one of the past however the future for Eliminator could be very exciting and could reach the heights of the highest notes often sung throughout this album.

Ed Ford




Track Listing

1.      2019
2.      The Last Horizon
3.      Echoes
4.      Procession of Witches
5.      Edge of a Dream
6.      The Fall of the Seer
7.      Pride and Ruin
8.      Spoils of an Empire










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