Eisley/Goldy - 'Blood, Guts and Games' - Album Review
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Eisley/Goldy is the latest collaboration from David Glen Eisley and Craig Goldy, both formerly of Giuffria. Together they have created Blood, Guts and Games which is a throwback to the sound of Melodic Rock that gave them success in the 80’s. This is the first record from Eisley since his solo album back in 2001.

Blood, Guts and Games is everything a great Melodic Rock album should be. With great riffs and melodies coming from Goldy’s guitar, it is the perfect blend with Eisley’s raw vocals. Full of great tracks such as “Love Of The Game” and opening track “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter”, this is clearly an album made by men who love their craft. There’s also a great heavier feel to 9th track “Track Thirteen” which also provides a fantastic solo from Goldy as well. “No More Prayers In The Night” is another epic track, not only through the music but through the impressive 8 minutes of music. This is certainly one of the highlights from the album that is definitely worth checking out from its great melody and Eisley’s epic vocals to the truly enjoyable guitar solo.

This collaboration has provided some fantastic tracks from these two rockers. Working with Frontiers Music has been a great move and it’s certainly created a great album.



The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
I Don’t Belong Here Anymore
Lies I Can Live With
No More Prayers In The Night
Love Of The Game
Wings Of A Hurricane
Life, “If Only A Memory”
Soul Of Madness
Track Thirteen
Believe In One Another



Craig Goldy: Guitars & Lead Guitars, Keyboards & Bass

David Glen Eisley: All lead & Background Vocals, additional Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Bass, Hammond

Ron Wikso: Drums



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