Edenthorn - 'Exist' - Album Review
Edenthorn - 'Exist' - Album Review10
Edenthorn - 'Exist' - Album Review10
Edenthorn - 'Exist' - Album Review10
Edenthorn - 'Exist' - Album Review10
Edenthorn - 'Exist' - Album Review10
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Durham four-piece Edenthorn drop their sophomore LP Exist April 20th and it is well worth waiting for. A gargantuan LP of musical quality, it is a flawless example of fine UK talent showcasing the top-flight bands within the local industry right now. The vocal talents of front man Kyle Michael Tague are showcased beautifully against the backdrop of sublime song writing. Each track just gets stronger and stronger as the LP ebbs and flows across eleven cracking songs.

Reminiscent of the likes of huge American bands like Daughtry or local lads like Mallory Knox and beyond, the quality is there in abundance for all to see and there is no doubt Exist will propel this quartet to new heights.


Exist is self released April 20th.


Track listing:

1) Out of the Dark
2) Heart’s Still Beating

3) Power
4) Mind like a Minefield

5) Live In the Now
6) The Noise In My Head

7) The Unknown
8) Black Cloud
9) Where Did You Go?

10) Garden of Heaven

11) Speak to Me


Edenthorn are:

Kyle Tague – Vocals Dylan Gardner – Guitars and Backing Vocals Faiba Gardner – Bass and Backing Vocals Mark Tague – Drums















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