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Dustin Behm picked up the guitar at 13 years of age and never looked back, attending the Guitar Institute of Technology at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, where he studied with world renowned guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Greg Harrison and tapping master TJ Helmerich. Once an apprentice, Behm is now a master himself. The Beyond is his symphony, a masterpiece of sorts that lays out all his musical qualities for all to see.

Guitarist for Portland’s instrumental Progressive Metal band Increate, Behm’s reputation as a six-string wizard is out there for all to see, but The Beyond takes it to another level.

A dark recording in the vein of Pestilence and Meshuggah, Behm weaves an intricate balance between the dark melodies and the awe-inspiring guitar playing throughout. Relentless in the ferocity of the flurry of notes, lightning fast solo work and technical brilliance, Behm’s playing is simply breathtaking.

Meshed with powerhouse melodies and hooks throughout the recording, Behm has created a masterpiece on many levels. Not only did he play guitar but E-Bow, bass, keys and programming, as well as handling production duties and album layout. I tip my hat to thee.


The Beyond is out January 19th via Rockshot Records.


Track List


  1. ‘Mechanization’ (4:04)
    2. ‘Poltergeist’ (3:11)
    3. ‘Alien Voodoo’ (4:20)
    4. ‘Interdimensional Traveler’ (3:45)
    5. ‘The Beyond’ (4:10)
    6. ‘Genesis’ (4:20)
    7. ‘Rituals’ (4:01)
    8. ‘Descent into the Unknown’ (3:44)
    9. ‘Haunted Labyrinth’ (3:34)
    10. ‘Obelisk’ (3:29)
    11. ‘Last Resort’ (3:42)
    12. ‘Awakening’ (3:54)
    13. ‘Towers of Glass’ (2:33)

Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2kAIBPI
Other Buy Links – http://smarturl.it/DustinBehm



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