Dolyle Bramhall II - Shades - Album Review
Dolyle Bramhall II - Shades - Album Review 9
Dolyle Bramhall II - Shades - Album Review 9
Dolyle Bramhall II - Shades - Album Review 9
Dolyle Bramhall II - Shades - Album Review 9
Dolyle Bramhall II - Shades - Album Review 9.1
9Overall Score
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Doyle Bramhall II drops his latest release this week in Shades, a beauty of a gritty recording all sewn together with Doyles unique take on the Blues. It features a few notable guests with the likes of Eric Clapton, Nora Jones and The Tedeschi Truck Band all contributing.

Doyle no stranger to mixing it with the big boys, growing up around the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and he has collaborated with a plethora of artists over the years and is highly regarded amongst his peers. Shades comes hot on the heels of Bramhall’s 2016 critically acclaimed fourth record, Rich Man, his first solo album in 15 years.

The album kicks off the gnarly ‘Love And Pain’ which is a head turner of a track, with is dark eerie vibe, whilst Hammer Ring is a ballsy Blues Rock infused beauty that just pulls you further into Shades. Clapton makes his appearance on ‘Everything You Need’ a sweet Gospel inspired track with a sublime flow and hook. Ms Jones makes her appearance on ‘Searching For Love’ which; is a mellow and emotive number that just ebbs and flows beautifully. That sums up the album in its entirety, beautifully paced and put together Doyle Bramhall II has pieced together a sublime recording, flaweless from start to finish and it wraps up perfectly with the Tedeschi Truck Band guest slot to close it off and one of the albums many highlights.

Shades is released Oct 5th Via Provogue / Mascot Label Group and is highly recommended.




Track List:

1. Love And Pain
2. Hammer Ring
3. Everything You Need (feat. Eric Clapton)
4. London To Tokyo
5. Searching For Love (feat. Norah Jones)
6. Live Forever (feat. Greyhounds)
7. Break Apart To Mend
8. She’ll Come Around
9. The Night
10. Parvanah
11. Consciousness
12. Going Going Gone (feat. Tedeschi Trucks Band)

Release Date

5 October

Available formats

CD, LP and Digital



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