Dimmu Borgir - 'Eonian' - Album Review
Dimmu Borgir - 'Eonian' - Album Review10
Dimmu Borgir - 'Eonian' - Album Review10
Dimmu Borgir - 'Eonian' - Album Review10
Dimmu Borgir - 'Eonian' - Album Review10
Dimmu Borgir - 'Eonian' - Album Review10
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At last, after seven long years, Dimmu Borgir are back with the long-awaited follow up to Abrahadabra, and it’s monstrously good.

The Black Metal legends have spread their wings further and encompassed the sinister with the beautiful, utilising the fantastic Schola Cantrum Choir and a symphonic orchestra to contrast with Black Metal to produce a dark, powerful and stunningly diverse record.

From the opening track ‘The Unveiling’, you know this album is going to blow your mind, using synthesisers with glorious choral vocals along with the traditional Black Metal vocal provided by Shagrath, the powerful and mesmerising guitars of Silenoz and Galder, the versatile and driving drums by Daray, and the intricate keyboards provided by Gerlioz.

Eonianis a unique and fantastic album that you get completely absorbed and lost in. The combination of Black Metal with the choir and orchestra creates a fabulous symphonic Black Metal which is quite brilliant, producing some stunning music that every music fan should listen to.



Ed Ford





Track List

  1. ‘The Unveiling’
  2. ‘Interdimensional Summit’
  3. ‘ÆTheric’
  4. ‘Council of Wolves and Snakes’
  5. ‘The Empyrean Phoenix’
  6. ‘Lightbringer’
  7. ‘I Am Sovereign’
  8. ‘Archaic Correspondence’
  9. ‘Alpha Aeon Omega’
  10. ‘Rite of Passage’







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