DeWolff - 'Thrust' - Album Review
DeWolff - 'Thrust' - Album Review8
DeWolff - 'Thrust' - Album Review8
DeWolff - 'Thrust' - Album Review8
DeWolff - 'Thrust' - Album Review8
DeWolff - 'Thrust' - Album Review8
8Overall Score
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DeWolff return with their latest beauty Thrust and it’s everything and more you would expect from this individual sounding band of brothers. Glorious in its retro cloaking, all wrapped up in fuzzy goodness, wholesome song writing and lyrical content. Mesh that with melodies flowing like the nectars of the gods and you have a hint of what Thrust has to offer, tracks like ‘California Burning’ with its catchy chorus and funky vibe just envelope you like a warm blanket.

The guys have pushed the boat out with their latest album challenging themselves tackling contemporary social and political issues, but that does not detract from what makes DeWolff the sonic storytellers they are. Like the great bands of days gone by Thrust is rich in first class quality song writing that is pure escapism at its best.


Reminiscent of the likes of Paul Rodgers and Free you are forced to loose yourself in the layers of each track, from the silky vocals to the mesmerising sound of the Hammond organ, DeWolff have delivered their best to date.


Thrust is out May 4th via Mascot Records.

Track Listing

  1. Big Talk
    2. California Burning
    3. Once In A Blue Moon
    4. Double Crossing Man
    5. Tombstone Child
    6. Deceit & Woo
    7. Freeway Flight
    8. Tragedy? Not Today
    9. Sometimes
    10. Swain
    11. Outta Step & Ill At Ease


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