Devilskin return with their second studio album ‘Be Like The River’ – released just last month (March 17th) and having fulfilled a UK Tour along side Sumo Cyco we thought it was time to see what all the hype was about.

The album opens with the charismatic and impeccably delivered ‘Animal’, it’s stunning vocals from female front woman Jennie Skulander overlay the apparent quality within. Following up on their highly successful ‘We Rise’ released back in 2014 the New-Zealand quartet have come back stronger than before with a powerful and magnetic follow up.

Bonded by blood; Paul (bass) and Nic (drums) are father and son; Jennie (vocals) is Nics’ Aunt and Paul’s sister in law while Nail on (guitar) is Paul’s evil twin. Quite the story but not one that should provide distraction from the very obvious point at hand. Devilskin fuckin rock! Bitchin’ riffs and Jennie’s enigmatic vocals are as compelling as it gets. The songwriting is first class too. taking you on a journey across 13 finely penned tracks. These guys pick you up and batter you back down, with enslaving hooks and gritty lyrics that grab your attention Devilskin can pack a punch.

‘Grave’ is a perfect example of their audacious groove and impeccable vocal display, its more than just an album filler, there’s so many layers to this track- like so many on the album- showcasing the bands desire to push the boundaries.  Likewise ‘House 13’ with is gritty riff.  Devilskin are one of many bands currently setting the trend with female lead vocalists, Sumo Cyco their touring partner recently took part in a UK Tour with Kaleido, another female fronted band, Hed PE and Alien Ant Farm. Sumo Cyco put on an amazing live show with female vocalist Sever being one of the outstanding performers on the night. Charisma in abundance she worked that crowd with every bone in her body to full effect.  Devilskin too have a vocalist of true quality in Jennie Skulander and it’s a pleasure to see so many hard hitting and powerful female vocalists ( Devilskin – Halestorm – Sumo Cyco – Black Mirrors – The Charm The Fury to name but a few ) laying down the foundation for others to follow for years to come.

Even better is that with all of the above and Devilskin are the real thing, tearing up the miles touring with the likes of Halestorm and Disturbed and laying down tracks of the quality of ‘Voices’, which is a huge anthem that will be awesome live! ‘Be Like The River’ was recorded at Modern World Studios, Tetbury in the United Kingdom, after Devilskin’s European Tour in 2016.  After the success of ‘We Rise’ the band maintained their strong working relationships, continuing the very successful and creative association with Producer Clint Murphy. Murphy produced and mixed the album, working alongside Ryan Smith from Sterling Sound New York who mastered both albums.

‘Be Like A River’ is out now and is an absolute must.

Devilskin are:


Jenni Skulander – Vocals

Paul Martin –  Bass

Nic Martin – Drums

Niall Vincent – Guitar

Devilskin – 'Be Like The River' – Album Review
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