Deuce - 'Invincible' - Album Review
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Deuce returns to follow up his highly acclaimed 2012 release Nine Lives with a monster of an album with Invincible. From the off you know this is something mom and dad would not approve of. It’s explicit, profane and packed full of angst, everything every 21st century teenager needs to fuel the fire for a social media crazy world. A mesh of Rap, Hip-Hop and Rock, Deuce manages to balance all of the above whilst delivering 14 first class tracks. It’s not one for the faint hearted, and of course if Rap ain’t yo’ thang, you’d better step well back. If you dig the likes of Eminem and like hard hitting lyrics wrapped up in polished song writing, then Deuce is for you.

Invincible is out now via Better Noise Records.


Track List


  1. ‘Here I Come’
  2. ‘Hell’s Gonna Break Loose’
  3. ‘Bitch This Is It’
  4. ‘Gone Tomorrow, Here Today’
  5. ‘World on Fire’
  6. ‘My Buddy’
  7. ‘Invincible’
  8. ‘Bad Attitude’
  9. ‘Best of Me’
  10. ‘Thank You’
  11. ‘Catch Me If You Can’ (Ft. Gadjet)
  12. ‘It’s Alright It’s Ok’
  13. ‘Talking About You’ (Ft. Gadjet)
  14. ‘Pull Me Under’



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