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Formed in 1982 in Germany Destruction were a major part of the Thrash Metal scene alongside the likes of Kreator, Sodom and Tankard. For their latest offering, Thrash Anthems II, they have not so much reissued as revamped some of their classic tracks to breed a new lease of life into them; with the help of their fans they have picked twelve monster tacks for your listening pleasure. They are as you would expect from any band of their era fast, thrashy and full of riffs.

Although the tracks are not as the originals were they offer a different perspective and with the advancements in technology and sound they are as good as if not better than the originals. Some of the stands out would have to be the opener “Confused Mind”, “Dissatisfied Existence”, “United By Hatred”, “The Ritual”, “Black Death” and “Satan’s Vengeance”.

If you like old school thrash with a fresh sound then this is for you Thrash Anthems II is out now


1. Confused Mind 5:50
2. Black Mass 3:59
3. Frontbeast 2:01
4. Dissatisfied Existence 4:34

5. United By Hatred 4:36

6. The Ritual 4:40
7. Black Death 6:39
8. Antichrist 3:11
9. Confound Games 4:51
10. Rippin’ You Off Blind 5:30 11. Satan’s Vengeance 3:22


Destruction is

Schmier                                    Vocals, Bass

Mike Sifringer                           Guitars

Wawrzyniec Dramowicz         Drums                 


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