Dead City Ruins - 'Never Say Die' - Album Review
Dead City Ruins - 'Never Say Die' - Album Review 8
Dead City Ruins - 'Never Say Die' - Album Review 8
Dead City Ruins - 'Never Say Die' - Album Review 8
Dead City Ruins - 'Never Say Die' - Album Review 8
Dead City Ruins - 'Never Say Die' - Album Review 8
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Dead City Ruins ​are back with their third studio album ​Never Say Die​. The Australian rockers have spent the last 8 years working their way to the top and touring with bands such as ​Skid Row ​and ​Fozzy​. The work and determination that this band has put into this is clearly shown on this latest offering which is good old fashioned rock n roll.

This latest album is full of dirty riffs and tracks which reflect their life as a band. The sound this band has throws you back to a time of heavy gritty rock that was first seen in the 70s with ​Black Sabbath.​ But don’t let that fool you they still have their own sound and with tracks such as “Dirty Water” which has a chorus which takes on the great sing back from the band which will be a serious hit played live. The guys also take on a very bluesy feel with “The River Song” which has a very easy on ears sound and an overly catchy bridge which will have you singing along and be stuck in your head for days. As well as this hard rock/blues sound the band are able to tone it down as they play ballad “Rust and Ruins” with its haunting guitar soft slow beat that picks up half way into the song that then makes the listener feel the pain of the song as the vocals pick up.

The album as a whole manages to show the band’s versatility. As you listen more into it you can hear the unsaid meanings behind the tracks that are full if deeper meaning. Dead City Ruins have this old school sound that is rare to hear from newer bands these days but it works perfectly for them and is a refreshing change.

Dead City Ruins Release Never Say Die April 13th Via AFM Records.

Devil Man
Dirty Water
Rust And Ruin
The River Song
We Are One
Raise Your Hands
Lake Of Fire

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