DBMK - 'Headlights For Eyes' - Album Review
DMBK - 'Headlights For Eyes' - Album Review 8
DMBK - 'Headlights For Eyes' - Album Review 8
DMBK - 'Headlights For Eyes' - Album Review 8
DMBK - 'Headlights For Eyes' - Album Review 8
DMBK - 'Headlights For Eyes' - Album Review 8
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DBMK ​are back with another album ​Headlights For Eyes​. This alt-pop band uses a mix of guitars and synthesisers to create their unique sound and blend has allowed them to gain success over the years. With opening slots on tours for bands such as ​Panic! At The Discoand ​Twenty One Pilots​ they have made a name for themselves.

With this new album they bring that blend of musical styles back to create what they call “the story of all of us- a sort of coming of age serio-comedy about the people that last with us as we grow in and out of places in our lives.” Each track has an exciting edge to it that pulls you in with high energy. “I Think I’m Bored” is the perfect example of this as they mix that energy with lyrics that are relatable. On top of that through in the vocal effects, and it becomes a super catchy track. Each track has layers and layers of different sounds from the synthesisers to the guitars and vocal effects. “Full Of It” has another layer to it as the sounds of piano are heard throughout giving the band another sound.

DBMK ​take on the idea of alt-pop and make it into their own. The album is full of sounds that give this band their own individuality and allows them to stand out from the crowd. Headlights For Eyes ​is easily their most ambitious album yet.








  1. Drive
  2. I Think I’m Bored
  3. Crush
  4. Heartscam
  5. Full Of It
  6. Halflife
  7. Switchblade
  8. What A Day To Lose My Mind
  9. Mean Dreams
  10. Young




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