Conan - 'Existential Void Guardian' - Album Review
Conan - 'Existential Void Guardian' - Album Review9
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Caveman Battle Doom is not a phrase thrown around much and let’s be honest, that’s because Conan are the masters of it. If you are not sure what the phrase relates to then give it a whirl as it will certainly make an impact.

The British trio have returned after only two years to bring us the follow up to Revengence and immediately ‘Prosper On The Path’ brings the methodical Doom to the fore with a sprinkle of Sludge for good measure, well the cave can’t be too clean!! The heavy riff begins to wind things up and then the incredible vocal slices through the noise announcing the full sound of Conan.

The pace isn’t always so slow as the 55 second ’Paincanation’ has a more Grind feel to it before slowing back down to a trudge pace.

The drums lead the pace perfectly throughout and the guitars are not only heavy but sound weighty in this straight up, no frills version of Doom metal spans this crushing 58 minute release. The vocals sound pained but perfect as this monster marches forward.

‘Volt Thrower’ has outrageous riffs and slightly higher paced that truly gets the head going properly and the secondary vocal is perfect.

The album is completed by 4 live tracks that just show to anyone who hasn’t seen the live show, that it sounds just as good in the flesh.

This is a top drawer album, not only in Caveman Battle Doom, but for Death Metal that anyone should listen to and if you haven’t already, release your inner caveman! Hail Conan


Ed Ford


Existential Void Guardian is released September 14th via Napalm Records


Track Listing

01 Prosper On The Path
02 Eye To Eye To Eye
03 Paincantation
04 Amidst The Infinite
05 Volt Thrower
06 Vexxagon
07 Eternal Silent Legend
08 BONUS: Total Conquest (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)
09 BONUS: Satsumo (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)
10 BONUS: Foehammer (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)
11 BONUS: Hawk As Weapon (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)

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