Chris Shiflett

‘West Coast Town’

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Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett is better known as the long time guitarist of the Rock ‘n’ Roll band The Foo Fighters. This new album is an Alternative Country album, a genre that he veered towards back in 2010 as his solo project. Chris hails from Santa Barbara in California, so a far cry from the normal Country music area of the Southern states, but he pulls it off. The album was recorded in Nashville at RCA Studio A over a three week period in 2016, a collection of ten new songs.

The album is an autobiographical trip for Chris and in true Country fashion, every song tells a story and lyrically takes you on a journey.


The album starts with ‘Sticks & Stones, a guitar driven tune about relationsip issues. It has a nice mid tempo feel as it bounds along. The Country feel is instant when the pedal steel kicks in.Next up is the title track, ‘West Coast Town,’ a very uplifting beat with plenty of Country guitar twang, where he sings about where he grew up. This is followed by another rockin’ track called ‘Goodbye Little Rock’ that describes playing a small show to a hundred people then packing up the van before moving on. He talks about making new friends and travelling the country in a small van playing shows. Any band will relate to this when they were starting out.The pace slows again for ‘Room 102,’ where he remembers an ex and drinking away his sorrows in room 102. Lots of pedal steel to set the mood.


The pace quickens again for ‘The Girl’s Already Gone,’ with the guitar setting the backbone for the song – again talking about a girl that never stays around too long.‘Blow Out the Candles’ has a real Country feel with lots of pedal steel and some really interesting lyrics again about a girl.‘I’m Still Drunk’ has a Rockabilly feel with the guitar sound, and talks about getting drunk to forget a broken heart. It’s a mid tempo tune that will have you tapping your feet to the addictive beat.


‘Cherry’ ups the tempo again and really has a bound along feel, again singing about a girl where there’s “no happy ending for us” a constant line throughout. Lots of nice guitar riffs and a happy feel to a sad song. The tempo stays up for the next track, ‘Tonight’s Not Over,’ where it starts off talking about taking drugs and living for the night with a girl called Jenny.A great way to end the album is with ‘Still Better Days,’ a real up tempo sing along tune with a really catchy chorus matched with some excellent guitar work. This is a great track.


This is an impressive collection of songs and definitely has that Country vibe but with a West Coast influence. There are no pickup trucks in these songs. One to add to your collection for sure.


Track List


  1. ‘Sticks & Stones’
  2. ‘West Coast Town’
  3. ‘Goodbye Little Rock’
  4. ‘Room 102’
  5. ‘The Girl’s Already Gone’
  6. ‘Blow Out the Candles’
  7. ‘I’m Still Drunk’
  8. ‘Cherry’
  9. ‘Tonight’s Not Over’
  10. ‘Still Better Days’


For further information on Chris and his music please check out his website:

Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett




Chris Shiflett - 'West Coast Town' - Album Review
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