The racy riff masters of rock and blues, RavenEye walloped us in 2015 with the astounding debut EP ‘Breaking Out’! They’re back – as promised, with the seriously gargantuan debut album ‘Nova’ released on September 23rd 2016.

From the very first moment that I heard the heart stopping EP ‘Breaking out’ – did I have faith that this band would make it to the big time? NO! Because to quote Homer Simpson; ‘Faith is what we have in things that don’t exist’. RavenEye Exists – and have spent the last two years ripping this universe a new black hole! Playing festivals and touring extensively while holding their own on support slots with Slash, Deep Purple, The Blues Pills, The Darkness and Halestorm.

‘Nova’ has been created by three very defiant young men who have stormed their way onto the music scene and poured their blood, sweat and tears into an offering that has resulted from an almost mythical journey. Don’t believe me? When I spoke to Oli Brown, the maestro himself, this is what he had to say about the album;

‘This album is a journey of our life, from the best moments to the worst. Every lyric, every line has a meaning and a place, there isn’t one moment without thought and care. We wanted to create a record that you can listen to and not have a care in the world, but if you want to, you can delve into the depths of our minds’. We had hard choices and went through a lot in making this record. From moments of bliss when finally playing the big riffs and hearing songs come together. To out-right tears when coming to terms with what I was singing and letting go of moments in the past. We started this band with just an EP and ran this baby on our own, now we’ve come to being with a label and an incredible team to put this record out. It’s because of the following that we grew together that a record like this is possible. And I hope it connects with everyone who was a part of this journey, as well to the people who are just discovering it’.

RavenEye has taken herculean strides for a band that is still in its infant stage; this is evident right from the off. The opening track ‘Wanna Feel You’ is an engulfment of deep, dirty fuzz and distortion, with breath-taking breaks. Aaron Spiers IS the beast on bass who not only brings this hard hitting sound home, but knows how to work a stage with partner in crime, Oli. These two have a connection that not only sends vibes throughout the room but shivers down your spine that is unparalleled in any live show that I have seen. Even if you were deaf you’d feel the crushing depths of immense power. The energy and passion pouring from Oli Brown’s vocals is pure and soulful. There are also moments of a sound from the past that I can’t quite put my finger on; I just can’t wait to hear this one played live, and it looks like RavenEye is following in the steps of Caesar – Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Oli Brown is driven and determined which most definitely was born in him, because even as a youngster he was writing, performing and wowing crowds while playing side kick to the greats like Satriani. ‘Hero’ – the first single released from the album I feel – is just crazy brilliant but Oli now has serious back up from the bass-meister himself, Aaron. You’ll find yourself completely lost in the sheer grinding sexiness of once again, that dirty bass and chunky guitar from the deadly duo. While they are creating a sound all of their own, influences from Sound Garden and Audio Slave are most definitely lingering in the background. This tune alone is a pure masterpiece of intricate song writing with intelligence which is perfect for that heavy rock sound that demands that you close your eyes, nod your head and submit.

‘Nova’ is exhilarating from top to toe, and I do have favourites, but only by a small margin may I add and when you get to ‘Walls’ you’ll know exactly what I mean. The complexity of the song writing blended with moments of outstanding flair that seep through are awesome, and will knock you off your feet while raising the rafters at the same time. ‘Walls’ comes at you all guns blazing from every direction in a bombardment of time changes and riffs that could make a grown man cry.

‘Oh My Love’ has that wonderful sensuous chunky bass with overlaid bluesy tones and high background harmonies that is just incredible, and I can’t get enough of this one either. Crank the volume, tighten the earphones, Close your eyes and feel that damn solo swallow you whole. I mean, how the hell do you pen a tune like this and not cry with sheer delight at what you’ve achieved – This song is so damn beautiful but somehow the dynamics of the tune have powered up ten-fold, and I am so happy that they hit the studio with this one and added it to the album.

The heft of this record seems to stem from within a deep desire to go big or go bust! Bust isn’t even an option in my opinion, because this astounding debut album has blown me away, every last tune is deserving of a very loud applause. The vocals, the guitar and the rhythm section are the rock and roll of the future. The closing tune ‘Eternity’ – confirmed it. I’m in love with RavenEye. This one stirs up all the emotions you’d rather keep in the pits of your stomach. Harmonies are delicate and touching, the melody is captivating and then woah it just slams you in the heart with an epic virtuoso and uplifting sensation that you just don’t want to come down from. At this point you now just want to hit the repeat button and do it all over again, because you can’t believe the ride is over. This album gets better and better with every play, I promise you.

I could write volumes on each of the songs from this album. But in this case less is more. When an album is this good it doesn’t need me to give you a blow by blow account of what you will hear. Just get the album, listen to RavenEye and if you don’t love this record, you’re welcome to look me up and disagree with me, at your own risk 😉 although I highly doubt that anyone with all their faculties well in place could point a finger at anything on this record and disagree.

I cannot fault ‘Nova’ at all. It’s perfect, it’s exhilarating, it’s fast and furious one moment, and ripping out your heart the next.

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Raveneye - 'Nova' - Album Review
Cohesiveness 10
Song Writing 10
Musicianship 10
10Overall Score

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