Chasing Dragons - Faction - Album Review
Chasing Dragons - Faction - Album Review10
Chasing Dragons - Faction - Album Review10
Chasing Dragons - Faction - Album Review10
Chasing Dragons - Faction - Album Review10
Chasing Dragons - Faction - Album Review10
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Chasing Dragons ​are due to release their album on the 5th October. Backed by Kickstarter funds the band have managed to release the album alone. The Yorkshire band have been making the live circuits over the last couple of years playing festivals such as HRH AOR and Amplified. Now ready with a full length album, the band are here to deliver.

Faction ​is a heavy driven album from start to finish. There is everything from fast rhythms to soft melodies and everything in-between. Each track is heavily driven by the backbeat from female drummer ​Katie​ with who you can hear the energy and passion being delivered with each hit. “Parasite” is a perfect example of this as each strike is clearly heard. But it’s bassistMurf​ who drives the rhythms of the tracks. The melodies and riffs given by guitarist ​Adamare both melodic and hard hitting. This is the first recording to introduce Adam to the band and he’s definitely making a statement. However it’s front woman ​Tank’s​ impressive vocals that stand out above the crowd. She is without a doubt a passionate performer which is seen in her live performances however this can also clearly be heard across the album recordings. Her ability is well demonstrated on “Factionless” and “Devil In Her Eyes” as she shows off a variety of vocal styles. All of this passion heard from the band can be clearly seen in their performance in the latest video for “Like Gravity”

Chasing Dragons are a band ready to prove to the world they deserve a place and this album does that. It’s one that you’ll easily find on repeat as it draws you in. The guys have focused all their passion and energy to create something which is a showcase for who they are.


Emmie Ellis 



  1. Factionless
  2. How the World Went Black
  3. Parasite
  4. Like Gravity
  5. Bareknuckle Lovers
  6. For Kingdom, For Glory
  7. This Time Is Ours
  8. Devil In Her Eyes
  9. The Connection
  10. I’m No Devil (I’m Just A Girl)
  11. Whitehorse
  12. We Are The Wall


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