This collection of six songs by Nashville rocker Charlie Bonnet III is as Southern as ‘Mama’s apple pie’ or ‘catfish’ and makes no excuses for being that way. There is no mistaking the influences from Classic and Southern Rock bands of the ’70s throughout these songs, but if you are a fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company or early Aerosmith then you will be sure to enjoy this offering.

He would not look out of place performing these tracks in any honky tonk or dive bar across the South, and I’m sure with his harder vocals would go down a storm.

The first four tracks on the EP are pure rockers with plenty of gritty vocals and heavy guitar riffs while maintaining that distinctive Southern twang. The last two tracks are more ballads with ‘Heading Home’ talking about getting home to see his family whilst out on the road.

If you like Southern Rock then you will like this EP. It doesn’t push any boundaries or pull up any trees, but it is what it is, just good time, well rounded, true to itself Southern Rock. It definitely would not look out of place in your music collection, and would certainly be a worthy addition, as it is good.


Stand out track is ‘Waiting on Time,’ a real good time rock ’n’ roll song.


Track List


  1. ‘Sinner with a Song’
  2. ‘Restless and Reckless’
  3. ‘Waiting on Time’
  4. ‘Hometown Heroes’
  5. ‘Heading Home’
  6. ‘Cold and Alone’


This EP isn’t an evolution in Southern Rock music but is certainly worthy of the genre.



Charlie Bonnet III - 'Sinner with a Song' - EP Review
7Overall Score
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