Cerebrum - Iridium - Album Review
Cerebrum - Iridium - Album Review9
Cerebrum - Iridium - Album Review9
Cerebrum - Iridium - Album Review9
Cerebrum - Iridium - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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Originally formed in 2002 and producing their first demo in 2005, which was voted as Demo Of The Month in the Greek Metal Hammer magazine for April 2006, and then recording the first albumin 2007 with the second being in 2012 and now we have album three and the first on Transcending Obscurity Records.

The Greeks make it very clear from the off that they are not here to make up numbers as the rapid-fire drums, melting solos, deep and dark riffs and slightly murky production create an intriguing and impressive Tech/Prog Death sound with a growling vocal to top it off and a Spanish guitar on ‘A Face Unknown.’

The veterans are not trying to out-pace anyone or over complicate anything here, they are very good at creating Death Metal with some tinges of subgenre Tech Death, Prog Death and Old School Death that overall makes a great album.

The Mediterranean juggernaut barely pauses for breath as it ploughs its way through the 9 tracks spanning 35 minutes with pace changes, fancy finger work and a brutal sounding vocal that will please the fan of the heavier end of the spectrum with an undercurrent of bass groove and chainsaw slashing style guitars and pummelling drums punishing your ear drums. Iridiumkeeps you on the edge of your seat with the speed changes and frantic fret work.

‘Euphoric Control’ is a beast of track with clear audible bass driven slab of Death and the choppy guitars and sporadic drumming techniques to provide an unpredictable slice of brutality interspersed with some white hot solo guitar licks.

Things slow a little on ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ however that unsure feeling of what’s going to happen next continues as the instrumental track leads you on a merry dance before ‘Astral Oblivion’ arrives and smashes you square between the eyes again.

Cerebrum have created an album that they should all be proud of and hopefully with the backing of Transcending Obscurity they can reach the levels that a release like this deserves. Iridiumis a refreshingly good Death Metal album that is bound to be on repeat a lot.


Ed Ford


Iridium is released October 21st2018 on Transcending Obscurity Records


Track Listing

  1. Time Reversal
    02.A Face Unknown
    03. Memory Hoax
    04. Euphoric Control
    05. Gods In Trance
    06. Cognitive Dissonance
    07. Astral Oblivion
    08. Absorbed In Greed
    09. Escape To Bliss





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