Casket Feeder - 'Scalps' - EP Review
Casket Feeder - 'Scalps' - EP Review9
Casket Feeder - 'Scalps' - EP Review9
Casket Feeder - 'Scalps' - EP Review9
Casket Feeder - 'Scalps' - EP Review9
Casket Feeder - 'Scalps' - EP Review9
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Scalpsis the follow up to the self-released EP Venomous Tonguesand good grief is it good. If you like your Death Metal influenced by the Swedish, whilst smashing you in the face with raw brutality and tinged with a constant groove, then this is exactly what you’re after.

Casket Feeder have been making quite a stir on the underground scene. Currently on tour with Teethgrinder and recently confirmed to be on the bill when Suffocation play at the Underworld in Camden, for a band formed in 2016 they are certainly getting noticed, and it’s very easy to see why.

The only downside to this release is that you want more of it. The five tracks spanning 18 minutes is extreme brutality at its finest, and whilst they may be tempted to release a split, my hope would be for them to go it alone and show us everything they have on a full length.

This five piece from Milton Keynes are certainly as exciting as they are brutal, and from start to finish the EP shows that the upcoming UK underground scene is truly special and could very well be spearheaded by Casket Feeder.




  Ed Ford




Track List

  1. ‘The Supremacy of Idiocracy’
  2. ‘Ill Will’
  3. ‘Carve Their Names Upon The Hanging Tree’
  4. ‘Scalps’
  5. ‘Replicant’



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