Carrier - 'Wither' - EP Review
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This is the first release for newly formed four-piece band Carrier and they have taken the approach of a 5 track EP to tease us.

‘Flowers and Thorns’ starts the release with a solid song, that you could almost mistake in parts for something that Enter Shikari might has released in their early days. This track is full of aggressive vocals, and it works rather nicely.

‘Ghosts’ starts as ‘Flowers & Thorns’ left off and this certainly has punchy guitars mixed with a melody and the same aggressive powerful vocals. ‘Ghosts’ also includes what sounds like a piano/keyboard backing in places, to produce a very nice contract to the heavy guitars and the vocals.

‘Grieve’ is the debut release and you can see why. It will let people know exactly what the band have to offer with its high tempo, strong guitars and then a breakdown toward the end that most Hardcore fans would enjoy spin kicking and wind-milling to.

‘August’ is a haunting 1 minute interlude with soothing guitars in the back ground contrasted by the aggressive vocals that leads to the final track ‘10:15’ which is slower than the rest and proves to be a strong closer to the EP and in many ways does what it should, which is make you want a full-length release.

Its hard to pigeon hole this band, there are elements of Hardcore, Metalcore, Metal and Rock almost like Code Orange.

This is an impressive debut for any band let alone one that has only been together since March 2017. There is a lot of potential here that if correctly directed could lead to something rather special. The future should be very exciting for Carrier.

Ed Ford


Track Listing

  1. Flowers & Thorns
  2. Ghosts
  3. Grieve
  4. August
  5. 10:15


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