Bulletboys - 'From Out Of The Skies' - Album Review
Bulletboys - 'From Out Of The Skies' - Album Review 8
Bulletboys - 'From Out Of The Skies' - Album Review 8
Bulletboys - 'From Out Of The Skies' - Album Review 8
Bulletboys - 'From Out Of The Skies' - Album Review 8
Bulletboys - 'From Out Of The Skies' - Album Review 8
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Bulletboys are back with another new album. Just 3 years since the release of their last album Elefante , the band brings back their unique blend of Blues and Metal for From Out Of The Skies. This time brings guest vocalist Jesse Hughes of the Eagles Of Death Metal on their first single “D-Evil”. Hughes vocals make the perfect collaboration with the sound that Bulletboys brings. Their sound has kept the band going for 20 years and is still as relevant now as it was back in 1988.
The new album is full of great tracks that are catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Marq Torrin’s vocals continue to stand the test of time as he hits those high notes in the title track, yet is also able to soothe with tracks such as “Hi-Fi Drive By” and “Losing End Again”. The album has a great melodic feel to it that pulls you in and makes you wonder if you’ve never heard of them before why not? and for fans it’s another show of talent that shows once again why this band has lasted the distance.

With a great blend of softer ballads against hard hitting tracks and a bit of funk thrown in with “P.R.A.B”, it’s exactly how a well balanced album should be. Showcasing the talents of each member and allowing each to shine from drums heard on “What Cha Don’t” to the heavy hitting riffs on tracks such as “Apocalypto”.

Once again Bulletboys bring us another superb album that is full of great songs from start to finish.

From Out Of The Skies is out March 23rd Via Frontiers Music s.r.l.   


01 Apocolypto
02 D-Evil
03 From Out Of The Skies 04 Hi-Fi Drive By
05 Losing End Again
06 What Cha Don’t
08 Sucker Punch
09 Switchblade Butterfly

10 Once Upon a Time




BAND MEMBERS: Marq Torien, Nick Rozz, Chad MacDonald, Joaquin Revuelta










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