Broken Witt Rebels - 'Broken Witt Rebels' - Album Review
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Broken Witt Rebels have landed with their debut album. A long time in coming, this highly rated four piece have been tearing it up and down the country building up a reputation as one of the finest touring bands in the UK.

Their self-titled debut album sees all of their qualities wrapped up in one glorious 10-track recording. Old and new tracks sit side by side to announce the BWR to the world in a beauty of an album. Front man Danny Core has a voice well beyond his years. The rest of the guys are clearly old souls, as they lay down a series of classic sounding tracks as if they were dropped off from a time machine. It’s a bluesy, soulful journey worth taking, quality throughout. The BWR have arrived and won’t be going anywhere but up for the foreseeable future!


Broken Witt Rebels is out November 24th via Snakefarm Records.


Track List


  1. ‘Loose Change’
  2. ‘Georgia Pine’
  3. ‘Shake Me Down’
  4. ‘Snake Eyes’
  5. ‘Howlin’’
  6. ‘Breathless’
  7. ‘Guns’
  8. ‘Getaway Man’
  9. ‘Low’
  10. ‘Wait for You’


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