Bonfire - 'Temple of Lies' - Album Review
Bonfire - 'Temple of Lies' - Album Review 8
Bonfire - 'Temple of Lies' - Album Review 8
Bonfire - 'Temple of Lies' - Album Review 8
Bonfire - 'Temple of Lies' - Album Review 8
Bonfire - 'Temple of Lies' - Album Review 8
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“There comes a time when you must decide, to turn the page or close the book” sings new frontman Alexx Stahl on ‘Stand or Fall’, taken from Bonfire’s latest offering Temple of Lies.  Germany’s melodic heavy rockers have clearly chosen to turn the page, updating their sound and delivering a fist-punching, hook-heavy album that falls somewhere between Priest and Europe, with a healthy 21stCentury makeover of power metal thrown into the mix.  The production feels big and assured, the drums and twin-guitars that round off atmospheric spoken-word opener ‘In the Beginning’ setting the tone perfectly. Stahl himself is in fine form throughout, his impressive vocal range sounding most comfortable in the lower registers but delivering a stirring Halford-esque tone when venturing higher.

From the driving riffs and unforgettable chorus of the title track – the outro is just superb – to the reggae-tinged verse of ‘Love the Way You Hate Me’ there is plenty of variety on offer.  Standout ‘Feed the Fire’ is surely a new Bonfire anthem – no mean feat for a group whose nucleus has been writing songs in one guise or another since 1972.  The occasional stray into lyrical cliché, such as on the ballad ‘Comin’ Home’, just doesn’t matter when the band is clearly having so much fun.  Impressive stuff.


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Track Listing:

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Temple of Lies
  3. On the Wings of an Angel
  4. Feed the Fire (Like the Bonfire)
  5. Stand or Fall
  6. Comin’ Home
  7. I’ll Never Be Loved By You
  8. Fly Away
  9. Love the Way You Hate Me
  10. Crazy Over You


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