Bolu2 Death - 'Spiral' - Album Review
Bolu2 Death - 'Spiral' - Album Review9
Bolu2 Death - 'Spiral' - Album Review9
Bolu2 Death - 'Spiral' - Album Review9
Bolu2 Death - 'Spiral' - Album Review9
Bolu2 Death - 'Spiral' - Album Review9
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Born in 2009 as a side project, Bolu2 Death have had the usual line-up changes and with a few albums already under their belt, the band took to crowd funding to support this latest release in which they mix Metal, Hardcore and Electronica with flamenco influences due to their Spanish roots.

So what does all this sound like? There are Technical and Progressive influences of Death Metal supplemented by electronic samples, breakdowns and brutal vocals all thrown into a blender and the result is a version of The Path of Totality by Korn on speed that is also heavier and without the dubstep.

The release is a true show of what blending genres can produce and it is very good to hear. From start to finish there is plenty of variety in beats, styles and genre of Metal used, keeping it constantly fresh and exciting.

Its heavy, its screamy, its full of beats and its very good, it makes me wonder how they have not had more exposure as they are different to most things out there, it is something unique and there is longevity with it.


Ed Ford







Track Listing

01 (0)

02 Nace, Crece y Muere

03 We Bleed, We Fight

04 Smells Like 90´s Spirit

05 Todo y Nada

06 Forgiveness

07 (vortice)

08 I Am Doomed

09 Los De Arriba

10 Statues

11 Bury Yourself

12 A.R.R.

13 Spiral



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