Bludgeon - Devoted To Lunacy - Album Review
Bludgeon - Devoted To Lunacy - Album Review9
Bludgeon - Devoted To Lunacy - Album Review9
Bludgeon - Devoted To Lunacy - Album Review9
Bludgeon - Devoted To Lunacy - Album Review9
Bludgeon - Devoted To Lunacy - Album Review9
Bludgeon - Devoted To Lunacy - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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Brutal Death Metal is something that some bands align themselves to but maybe shouldn’t, however let’s get this clear from the start Bludgeon are as Brutal as they come.

Founding members Zach White and Tim Lee released demos, EPs and split releases until Chris Mansfield joined in 2007 and Bludgeon became the current monstrosity. They have played countless shows since their inception in 1994 and have amassed a significant following in the underground scene and now bring us this 41-minute crushing beast

The intro itself makes you feel unnerved and there is the feeling that something shocking is en route, as the suspense builds and then you get smashed in the skull with intense rapid-fire drumming, an extreme guttural vocal and Technical Death style guitars. The intensity is palpable, and the album has only just started!!

Immediately the talent and exquisite extreme example of Brutal Death Metal grabs you, puts your head in a juicer and doesn’t stop until every ounce of being is squeezed from your body. The drums are so quick, they would rival that of a bees rapid wing beat and pack much punch than being gored by a rhino. The guitars are furious in both pace and sound and produce the music to the destruction. The vocal is simply outrageous and slay on ever track.

As if this amazing creation wasn’t enough ’Lust The Carrion’ features Mike Majewski from Kill Everything and ‘Hideous Malformations Through Incest’ features Koni Luhring from Despondency along with Majewski.

The crushing riffs, hammer drill style drumming and sadistic vocal run throughout this release, with hints of Grind just to punish you a little more. ‘Malefic Volition’ however is a 3 minute acoustic interlude that relaxes you and outs you in a trance, before the brutal assault resumes with its high velocity beating for what remains of the 11 tracks.


This release is not for those with a weak heart or the infirm as it will test the hardened of Brutal Death Metal fans, but its quality is unmistakably outstanding and is a testament to the hard work of the band. This album is a triumph for the underground and is going to leave destruction in its wake.

Ed Ford


Devoted To Lunacy is released November 1st 2018 via Permeated Records


Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Fascination With The Lifeless
  3. Cognizant Dichotomy
  4. Lust The Carrion
  5. Dreaming Of The Meathooks
  6. Hideous Malformations Through Incest
  7. Cattleprod Episiotomy
  8. Malefic Volition
  9. Before The Taxidermy Begins ….
  10. Erogenous Catamenia
  11. Tenebris Aeternum


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