The Bloody Beetrroots, if a name like that doesn’t grab your attention then the audible explosion that is The Great Electronic Swindle will. An absolute powerhouse of Electronica fused in a Rock Pop frenzy! It’s like 30 Seconds to Mars made love with David Guetta and gave birth to the beast that is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo.

This album certainly is not for the faint of heart, so much so it horrified one of our reviewers into admitting failure and handing it back to whence it came. This album however is for the independent thinker, those of you out there who do not fall into the sheep category. It is a mind f**k of an album that challenges you from your very core, it has it all and in huge cinematic fashion. From the album opener ‘My Name Is Thunder’ featuring Jet, you’ll know your not is Kansas anymore and Toto has most likely sh*t the bed. In a furious explosion worthy of a Mad Max soundtrack the album announces itself like a blow to the head.

It doesn’t stop there, ‘Wolfpack’ continues the theme, the beauty of this album is the complex yet fluid ability in which The Bloody Beetroots have fused their mind-bending creativity with the numerous collaborations on this fantastical recording. A plethora of like-minded and talented individuals have crossed paths to create a musical journey unlike anything else you’ll hear this year. One of the finest examples is is in the form of ‘Nothing But Love featuring Jay Buchanan of the Rival Sons, where his vocal delivery is hauntingly beautiful meshed with the electronic barrage which ensues throughout.

‘Pirates, Punks & Politics’ with its Rage Against The Machine like riff is a head turner for sure and will have you busting some moves for sure, where as ‘Invisible’ featuring Svabo Bech (deadmau5) shows a tender side amidst the chaos. I could go on running through the album track by track but there is no need, there truly is something here for everyone, if you are brave enough, bold enough to step out of your comfort zone. For some The Great Electronic Swindle will be like marmite, a step too far. To you I say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out”

Be bold, be brave, life is too short for safe bets. Immerse yourself in the crazy-beautiful that is The Bloody Beetroots, 17 tracks later you will be a convert. Production is flawless and meshed with the performances of the individual artists who have laid down their artistry on this recording, it aligns beautifully.


The Great Electronic Swindle is Out Now on Last Gang Records.


Track listing for The Great Electronic Swindle is:

  1. My Name Is Thunder                      THE BLOODY BEETROOTS + JET

The “My Name Is Thunder” double single represents the various genres that define The Bloody Beetroots with the first version driven by heavy synths and electronic beats while the other is led by JET’s gritty guitar-driven rock and roll


  1. Wolfpack                               Ft. Maskarade
    Maskerade is the project of Brandon Allen Bolmer, a renaissance man of the modern art world boasting credits as singer, composter, graphic designer and visual artist previously of Yesterdays Rising.
  2. Nothing But Love                 Ft. Jay Buchanan
    Jay Buchanan is the lead singer of Rival Sons, a blues rock band often compared with greats like Led Zeppelin and The Animals.
  3. Pirates, Punks & Politics   Ft. Perry Farrell
    Perry Farrell is the frontman for alt. rock legends Jane’s Addiction as well as holding the title of creator of Lollapalooza.
  4. Invisible                                 Ft. Greta Svabo Bech
    Greta Svabo Bech is a singer-songwriter who gained notoriety for her work with deadmau5 on “Raise Your Weapon” and “Chronicles of a Fallen Love” from The Bloody Beetroots Hide
  5. All Black Everything                        Ft. Gallows
    Gallows are a hardcore punk four man band from England who have had repeated chart success in their home country.
  6. Irreversible                          Ft. Anders Friden
    Anders Friden is the singer-songwriter frontman of the four time Swedish Grammi winning band and Metal hammer Golden Gods winner In Flames, a melodic death metal/alt metal band with a career spanning over two decades.
  7. Enter The Void                     Ft. Eric Nally
    Eric Nally is known for his career with Foxy Shazam whom Alternative Press compared to Queen, My Chemical Romance and The Darkness.  He’s known for his vocals featured on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Downtown.”
  8. Future Memories                Ft. Crywolf
    Crywolf embodies the current indie electronic tidal wave taking over the industry with a self-awareness and awareness of the music.
  9. The Great Run                      Ft. Greta Svabo Bech
  10. Kill or Be Killed                     Ft. Leafar Seyer 
    Leafar Seyer is from Prayers, the SoCal Chicano goth group which focuses on the societal realities of growing up in the street and gang life.
  11. Saint Bass City Rockers
  12. Hollywood Surf Club           Ft. Mr. Talkbox
    Talkbox us the stage name of Byron Manard Chambers, Bob heard Byron’s work on 24k Magic by Bruno Mars and knew he had to work with him,  a passionate artist who has master urban contemporary gospel and R&B music with a balance of funk.
  13. The Day Of The Locust       
  14. 10,000 Prophets                   
  15. Drive                                       Ft. Deap Vally
    Deap Vally, the Los Angeles alt rock duo, have been described by the BBC as “a scuzzy White Stripes-meets Led Zeppelin” and have toured with Garbage, Muse and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  16. Crash                                     Ft. Jason Aalon Butler
    Jason Aalon Butler is one of the most physical, and powerful front men in music today.  He cut his teeth in Letlive and now continues to cement his reputation as a high energy live performer with his current punk rock band The Fever.

North American dates for the “My Name Is Thunder Tour” are: 

10/27 Music Box San Diego, CA
10/28 Independent San Francisco, CA
10/29 The Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA
10/31 The Depot Salt Lake City, UT
11/2 Summit Music Hall Denver, CO
11/4 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN
11/5 Concord Music Hall Chicago, IL
11/6 Magic Stick Detroit, MI
11/7 Opera House Toronto, ON
11/9 Warsaw Brooklyn, NY


Check out the new “My Name Is Thunder” official video here:

Check out the official Super Troopers 2 teaser featuring “My Name Is Thunder” by THE BLOODY BEETROOTS + JET now at:






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