The Horse

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Heavy metallers Blackout hail from the mean streets of New York City with their unique brand of stoner doom Metal that draws its grit from the bustling city life.

Since a brief hiatus that the band took in 2015, Blackout are back with a bang with their brand-new album The Horse. This record came about in the most drastic of ways when Christian Gordy (lead vocals and guitar) grabbed a handful of mushrooms and washed it down with a bottle of tequila. The result was dark, chunky riffs and psychedelic vocals that will transport you to another world.

The album kicks off with ‘Amnesia,’ featuring an attention-commanding riff that you cannot ignore. This record means business and there is no getting away from that. Echoing, grunge vocals swirl through ‘Graves’ and an erratic drum and guitar fuelled section complete the track.  The opening drumbeat in ‘Holy Wood’ really ups the ante and gets a strong groove going. There is a strong focus on the instrumental side of this record with minimal vocal content that brings you straight back into the room with the mushrooms and tequila bottle.

Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn is where The Horse was born, and in just four days. The speed of this recording is the mark of true professionals doing what they do best. The band described this as “a whirlwind session laced with loads of buds, Petey’s burgers and lipstick.”


Released with Riding Easy Records, The Horse is available now and it’s ready to blow your head off!


Track List


  • ‘Graves’
  • ‘Let Em Ride’
  • ‘Roach Bites’
  • ‘Rat Spirit’
  • ‘Amnesia’
  • ‘Mean Pads’
  • ‘Holy Wool’
  • ‘The Horse’




Blackout 'The Horse' Album Review
10Overall Score
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