Black Stone Cherry - 'Family Tree' - Album Review
Black Stone Cherry - 'Family Tree' - Album Review 10
Black Stone Cherry - 'Family Tree' - Album Review 10
Black Stone Cherry - 'Family Tree' - Album Review 10
Black Stone Cherry - 'Family Tree' - Album Review 10
Black Stone Cherry - 'Family Tree' - Album Review 10
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Black Stone Cherry are back with another brand new album Family Tree. BSC have been going for 17 years and have grown stronger with each new album. It was ‘Lonely Train’ from their 2006 self-titled album that first grabbed people’s attention and this was just the first in a long line of hits that this band has produced. With their last studio album released just two years ago, the boys have clearly been hard at work and it’s certainly been worth it.

 Family Tree is another very blues inspired album from this Kentucky band. Their latest single ‘Southern Fried Friday Night’ is a track that has everything that we have come to love about this band. With its chorus that will no doubt find itself stuck in your head, and a few of those risky lyrics that the band like to throw in, it’s certain to become a BSC anthem. ‘James Brown’ is a very funky track from the album that has fast become a personal favourite with its soul singers and made for dancing chorus. The band has also taken on a much more serious topic with the track ‘My Last Breath’. This allows us to take a view into vocalist Chris Robertson’spersonal life as he speaks to his son about his love for both him and his wife. The track is also thought provoking as you listen and wonder what your last words would be to those nearest to you. The band does still know how to put together high energy tracks though with the track ‘Ain’t Nobody’, which will be another to get stuck in your head.

This album is just another reason why this band has been so successful over the years. Their blend of Southern Hard Rock is something that is highly infectious, and the addition of soul singers on this album makes it even more so. Once again BSC have pulled it out of the bag and released another outstanding album!




Review: Emmie Ellis 


Track List


  1. ‘Bad Habit’
  2. ‘Burnin’’
  3. ‘New Kinda Feelin’’
  4. ‘Carry Me On Down the Road’
  5. ‘My Last Breath’
  6. ‘Southern Fried Friday Night’
  7. ‘Dancin’ in the Rain’ (featuring Warren Haynes)
  8. ‘Ain’t Nobody’
  9. ‘James Brown’
  10. ‘You Got the Blues’
  11. ‘I Need a Woman’
  12. ‘Get Me Over You’
  13. ‘Family Tree’

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