Black Peaks - 'All That Divides' - Album Review
Black Peaks - 'All That Divides' - Album Review9
Black Peaks - 'All That Divides' - Album Review9
Black Peaks - 'All That Divides' - Album Review9
Black Peaks - 'All That Divides' - Album Review9
Black Peaks - 'All That Divides' - Album Review9
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Black Peaks are back, with the follow up to 2016 album Statues and there is a lot of anticipation and with that expectation from the four piece from Brighton.

Having had some exposure through the Radio 1 Rock Show with track ‘Home’ some will know what to expect from this album, however this one track preview tells nowhere the whole story to this 9 track album. Whilst ‘Home’ in itself is a great track, displaying some Post Rock tendencies, there is far more to the 48 minute release.

The album smashes into life with opener ‘Can’t Sleep’ which displays the both the clean singing and the aggressive vocal, along with the Alternative and Aggressive sounds as the guitars power us through whilst the drums mix between pummelling and guide us along with the Post Alternative/Prog sections.

This paves the way for the album as the diversity and range of music on display is not only vast but very impressive. ‘Aether’ starts off with a lovely simple, atmospheric riff that then explodes into a full-on Rock track, with a heavy chorus, remaining with the clean vocal for the majority.

It is very easy to hear why the band have toured with the likes of Architects, Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon and it surely can’t be long until Black Peaks are pulling large crowds to their own tours and who knows from there. The future sounds very exciting for this band.

The album is beautiful, aggressive and powerful with the perfect blend of clean vocal and aggression to enhance and mix up the vibe. From start to finish this is complex yet complete album that is certain to gain a lot attention.


Ed Ford



All That Divides is released October 5th on Rise Records/BMG

Track Listing

  1. Can’t Sleep
    The Midnight Sun
    3. Electric Fires
    4. Aether
    5. Across the Great Divide
    6. Home
    7. Eternal Light
    8. Slow Seas
    9. Fate I & II

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