Big Boy Bloater & The Limits - 'Pills' - Album Review
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits 8
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits 8
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits 8
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits 8
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits 8
8Overall Score

Big Boy Bloater & The Limits return after with their latest offering Pills, a follow up to their highly successful 2016 album Luxury Hobo. A refreshing take on your usual cookie cutter, radio friendly music, which would flow like water off a ducks back. Big Boy Bloater takes a more whimsical look at life and turns it upside down and possibly inside out too.

This is a Blues infested audible journey of epic proportions, Big Boy Bloater & The Limits will carry you away from the daily grind and envelope you in stories beyond the news. As light as Big Boy likes to put out his message, there is always a darker tale being told, the albums title track for example speaks of the state of society today and its reliance on over priced drugs within today’s pharmaceutical world.

Bloater explains: “As is often my style the music and video may be light but they hide a dark message, in this case the influence the pharmaceutical industry and money men have, and how they are convincing people they are ill so they can sell them pills at incredibly inflated prices. When shooting they had a bunch of good friends who came to help out and they were just amazing! We also ended up blocked in by Police all day as they were raiding a near-by unit, which was being used to grow marijuana.  It was fun walking by the Police with big bags of pills!”

All of this within a Bluesy and melodic packaging that barely hints at the stories being told within, what you get is a catchy and enjoyable twelve-track album that will bring a smile to your face and have your toes tapping at the same time.

All round, Big Boy Bloater & The Limits latest offering will keep this Surrey born musician busy for a while yet.


Pills is out June 15thvia Provogue / Mascot Label Group.

Big Boy Bloater and The LiMiTs are:

Big Boy Bloater – Vocals/Guitar

Matt Cowley – Drums

Steven Oates – Bass


Track Listing:

2. Friday Night’s Alright For Drinking
3. The Saturday Night Desperation Shuffle
4. Stop Stringing Me Along
5. Unnaturally Charming
6. Slackers Paradise
7. Mouse Organ
8. Oops Sorry (Gaffer Tape & Super Glue)
9. She Didn’t Even Buy A Ticket
10. This Ain’t Rufus
11. The Digital Number Of The Beast
12. A Life Full Of Debt


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