Between Kings - 'The Escape' - Album Review
Between Kings - 'The Escape' - Album Review 9
Between Kings - 'The Escape' - Album Review 9
Between Kings - 'The Escape' - Album Review 9
Between Kings - 'The Escape' - Album Review 9
Between Kings - 'The Escape' - Album Review 9
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Australia has done it once more in bringing us another great band with ​Between Kings​. The post alternative rock band are due to release their debut album ​The Escape ​on the 4th May and have already been received well in the music industry with their first single which is the title track from the album. Having landed a slot supporting ​Escape The Fate ​on their 10 year anniversary tour across Australia, they are making a name for themselves.

The foursome have clearly put a lot of thought into each track chosen to be released on the album. The guys each have a lot to say through their music from discussing domestic violence to teenage insecurities. While also reflecting on their own pasts they are also offering hope to others listening which allows for a complicated album that shows so much talent. All of this is set against riffs and beats that create some incredible tracks. While many of the tracks take a slower beat they do have a kick and tracks such as ‘Forget the Comedown’ are real anthems. The real anthem from the album that will do doubt be a real hot of played on tour is ‘Party Song’ which is exactly what it says on the tin! I can hear it now the sounds of the crowds counting the ‘Shots’ with the band. Closing the album is an acoustic version of ‘The Escape’ which is just as impressive as the original and a great way to end.

This is a whole album which is captivating from start to finish. The songwriting talent that these guys have is truly outstanding and their talent with their instruments is no less impressive. This is a high contender for one of the best new bands this year for me and definitely worth checking out!






  1. 1  The Escape
  2. 2  In Lights
  3. 3  World of Our Own
  4. 4  Forget the Comedown
  5. 5  To the Wolves
  6. 6  Haunted Hallways
  7. 7  Empire
  8. 8  Alibi
  9. 9  Broken Valleys
  10. 10  Howling
  11. 11  Party Song
  12. 12  The Escape (Acoustic)

    Between Kings is: Nic Machuca (Vocals), Jordan Coyne (Guitar), Jayden Marsh (Bass) and Nick “Tricky” Fanning (Drums)

    The band will be on the road in Australia promoting the new record as support for Escape The Fate and Awaken I Am, May 28-June 4. See dates below.

    Pre-order ‘The Escape’ at:

    Check out a music video for the title track “The Escape” here:

Upcoming shows:

APR 06 The Zoo, Brisbane, Australia

w/ Escape The Fate, Awaken I Am (May 28-June 4)

MAY 28 Amplifier Bar, Perth, Australia

MAY 29 Fowler’s Live, Adelaide, Australia

MAY 30 Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

JUN 01 Manning Bar, Camperdown, Australia

JUN 02 Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle West, Australia

JUN 03 The Triffid, Newstead, Australia

JUN 04 Vahalla, Wellington, New Zealand

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