Axegressor - 'Bannerless' - Album Review
Axegressor - 'Bannerless' - Album Review8
Axegressor - 'Bannerless' - Album Review8
Axegressor - 'Bannerless' - Album Review8
Axegressor - 'Bannerless' - Album Review8
Axegressor - 'Bannerless' - Album Review8
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Finnish band Axegressor were formed in 2006 to play Thrash Metal, and now they bring their fifth release to us after a break of four years.

Over time they have progressed to more Death Metal, however you can still hear the Thrash influence in their music. There are no longer the fast-paced sections in the songs, all being more mid-paced, however this does not detract from the experience.

The guitars regularly enter into heavy riffs, the guitar kit is punished constantly and the vocals provide an overall old school Death Metal feeling. Axegressor certainly inject some groove into their music whilst intertwining melodies.

This is a good release that takes me back to when music wasn’t complicated for the sake of it, what mattered was the band playing music they enjoyed to play and the listener enjoying being taken along for the ride.


 Ed Ford


Seba Forma – lead & rhythm guitar
Aki Paulamäki – bass & backing vocals
Atte Mäkelä – drums
Johnny Nuclear Winter – vocals




Track List

  1. ‘In Safe Space No One Can Hear Your Scream’
  2. ‘Ever Bending Spine’
  3. ‘Bridges to Cross and Burn’
  4. ‘Terminal Ignition’
  5. ‘Igno Rant’
  6. ‘Human Travesty’
  7. ‘The Lethality of Mediocrity’
  8. ‘Barren Bloodline Worship’
  9. ‘Truth Prostitute’
  10. ‘Peace at Last (Armageddon)’
  11. ‘Don’t Be an Asshole’



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