Awolnation - 'Here Come the Runts' - Album Review
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Awolnation Here Come the Runts lands Febuary 2nd via Red Bull Records, and offers a quirky collection of tracks that is undeniably Awolnation. Their unique take ensures an individual sound that leads rather than follows. A fusion of styles from Pop-Rock, Electronic and Hip-Hop you get a bit of everything on Here Come the Runts.

Catchy melodies, strong hooks and a party like atmosphere make for a memorable recording, 14 tracks that will certainly grab your attention. Tracks like ‘Miracle Man’ and ‘Handyman’ show off their diversity. Big thumping bass lines and layers of complex vocal overlays meshed with intricate guitar work keep all engaged.

If you’re tired of the status quo, paint by numbers bands that the labels throw at you and you fancy something a little fresher sounding, then Awolnation are for you.


Here Come the Runts is released February 2nd via Red Bull Records.


Track List


  1. ‘Here Come the Runts’
  2. ‘Passion’
  3. ‘Sound Witness System’
  4. ‘Miracle Man’
  5. ‘Handyman’
  6. ‘Jealous Buffoon’
  7. ‘Seven Sticks of Dynamite’
  8. ‘A Little Luck…and a Couple of Dogs’
  9. ‘Table for One’
  • ‘My Molasses’
  • ‘Cannonball’
  • ‘Tall, Tall Tale’
  • ‘The Buffoon’
  • ‘Stop That Train’


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