Atrocity - 'Okkult II' - Album Review
Atrocity - 'Okkult II' - Album Review8
Atrocity - 'Okkult II' - Album Review8
Atrocity - 'Okkult II' - Album Review8
Atrocity - 'Okkult II' - Album Review8
Atrocity - 'Okkult II' - Album Review8
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German veterans Atrocity bring us their tenth album and build on the impressive back catalogue they have already produced and with Okkult II provide a variation on the theme of Death Metal.

Album opener ‘Masters of Darkness’ provides the introduction to the inclusion of an orchestra as Atrocity bring atmosphere to their old school sounding Death Metal. When you realise that they have once again utilised the skills of Katie Halliday, who is an award-winning sound designer who has worked on a number of the ‘Saw’ movies, it is easy to hear that there has been a lot of work in producing a darker, more layered sound.

The effects utilised across the album to produce atmosphere and feeling are subtle but clear enough to make a difference and the inclusion of the choral sections and symphonics certainly standout against the quick-fire drums, punchy old school Death Metal guitars and gravelly vocal produced by the band.

Atrocity have included special guests on two of the tracks, with LG Petrov (Entombed A.D.) on ‘Devil’s Covenant’ and Marc Grewe (ex-Morgoth) on ‘Gates to Oblivion’ asthey provide some rather outstanding Death Metal sounds.

‘Bloodshed and Triumph’ starts to wander toward symphonic black metal with some higher pitched vocal and blisteringly quick drums whilst the orchestra provide a chilling edge to the track.

This is a fun album to listen to with some surprising elements that work very well to produce an individual sound whilst maintaining a core base of classic Death Metal.


Ed Ford



Okkult II was released July 6th via Massacre Records



Track Listing

1.Masters Of Darkness
2. Shadowtaker
3. Bloodshed And Triumph
4. Spell Of Blood
5. Menschenschlachthaus
6. Gates To Oblivion (Feat. Marc Grewe)
7. Infernal Sabbath
8. All Men Must Die
9. Phantom Ghost
10. Devil’s Covenant (Feat. LG Petrov)
11. The Golden Dawn




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