Arcane Roots - Landslide - EP Review
Arcane Roots - Landslide - EP Review9
Arcane Roots - Landslide - EP Review9
Arcane Roots - Landslide - EP Review9
Arcane Roots - Landslide - EP Review9
Arcane Roots - Landslide - EP Review9
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Arcane Roots bring the follow up to 2017s Melancholia Hymns, which gained huge plaudits, in the form of a 4 track EP, one track being brand new and three new versions of tracks from the previous album.

As per the original album ‘Before Me (Over)’ opens the EP with guest vocals from Emily Denton, and opens with an atmospheric piano piece and vocalist Andrew Groves providing a beautiful vocal before Denton joins the fray and the Electronica influence begins in the back ground, culminating in two stunning voices singing to the complex backing before returning back to the stripped back style in the beginning.

‘Matter (Reveal)’ is up next and starts with harmonising vocals and an Alt rock feel, again utilising sythns and electro samples to provide a different spin on the original with the same incredible vocal creating a haunting feeling toward the track.

New track ’Landslide’ is third up and having not made it as a song on the original album release, it is here in all its glory, which may actually do it a favour, as in many ways it is given more of a chance to really stand out here. Unlike the reworked tracks the parts played by Adam Burton on bass and Jack Wrench on drums really come to the fore in this powerful rock track which includes some aggression mixed in with the delicate overall sound.

Closing the EP is ’Off The Floor (Fade) which sees a return to the style of the other reworked tracks, with an electronic backing and a stunning vocal to create a real chilled out feel to the closing of this 24 minute EP.

The re-working of the tracks has been done very well, stripping them back to their bare bones and adding a little bit of something different to create a totally different feeling and vibe. ‘Landslide’ really sets itself aside on the EP and is a magnificent track.

There is plenty new and fresh about this EP to satisfy the fans and justifies the cravings for more new music by the three-piece.


Ed Ford



Landslide is released 14thSeptember 2018 on Easy Life Records

Track List

  1. Before Me (Over)
  2. Matter (Reveal)
  3. Landslide
  4. Off The Floor (Fade)

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