Anthrax - 'Kings Among Scotland' - Album Review
Anthrax - 'Kings Among Scotland' - Album Review 10
Anthrax - 'Kings Among Scotland' - Album Review 10
Anthrax - 'Kings Among Scotland' - Album Review 10
Anthrax - 'Kings Among Scotland' - Album Review 10
Anthrax - 'Kings Among Scotland' - Album Review 10
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Recorded in February 2017 at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, it is two hours of pure Thrash heaven consisting of fan favourites and the entire Among The Living album for its thirtieth anniversary. Kicking off proceedings with ‘A.I.R’ Anthrax whip the crowd into a frenzy with old and new hits like ‘Madhouse’, a personal favourite, ‘Evil Twin’, ‘Blood Eagle Wings’ and ‘Breathing Lightning’ from their latest offering For All Kings, throw in ‘Medusa’ and ‘Fight `Em `Til You Can`t’ and you’ve got yourself a killer set before you even get to Among The Living in its entirety.


Among The Living regarded as one of the best Anthrax albums, it has stood the test of time unbelievably well and from the first strains of the title track you know you’re in for a treat. It is relentless, hopping from one classic track to the next. ‘Caught In A Mosh’ seems to just ramp the atmosphere up even more and it never lets up as they flow through each song seamlessly. ‘I Am The Law’ gets a massive reaction from the crowd and they sing along to every word, ‘A Skeleton In The Closet’ and ‘Efilnikufesin (N.F.L)’ are possible the two best versions of the songs ever done and serious crowd favourites. Undoubtedly ‘Indians’ got the biggest reaction and goes down a storm. ‘Antisocial’ closes out an epic set from an amazing band.



Kings Among Scotland  is out now via Nuclear Blast and it will not disappoint.





Track Listing:

1. A.I.R 7:19
2. Madhouse 4:38
3. Evil Twin 5:23
4. Medusa 5:20
5. Blood Eagle Wings 7:49
6. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t 6:227. Be All, End All 8:05
8. Breathing Lightning 6:20
9. Among The Living 4:56
10. Caught In A Mosh 6:12
11. One World 6:17
12. I Am The Law 6:32
13. A Skeleton In The Closet 6:52

14. Efilgnikcufecin (N.F.L.) 6:38

15. A. D.I. Horror Of It All 10:25

16. Indians 10:34
17. Imitation Of Life 5:51
18. Antisocial 7:29


Anthrax are

Joey Belladonna


Scott Ian

Rhythm Guitar,

backing vocals

Charlie Benante


Frank Bello


backing vocals

Jonathan Donais

Lead Guitar


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