Annisokay - Arms - Album Review
Annisokay Arms Album Review 9
Annisokay Arms Album Review 9
Annisokay Arms Album Review 9
Annisokay Arms Album Review 9
Annisokay Arms Album Review 9
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Annisokay return with their fourth full length album Arms and this German five piece really know how to perfect the heavy but melodic sound. There are many highlights on this album, the energy, the emotion and the passion they have packed into this twelve track long LP, deserves to be taken note of.

The opener and second single from this highly anticipated album ‘Coma Blue’ follows a Metalcore type fashion. Unclean vocals dominating the verses, soaring angel-like clean vocals in the chorus, with added synths giving it extra layers. A particular highlight is when Dave Grunewald joins the excellent Christoph Wieczorek in the chorus adding intensity and emotion that really pulls the listener in.

Second track and lead single ‘Unaware’ starts with off with voice effects and electronics, uttering the theme of the song ‘We’re Unaware’. With the Chorus being as catchy as it is, it would be so easy for Annisokay to overdo this, however, they are aware on this occasion, that less is more. The song’s ideas have been executed well, a calming bridge section which flows so fluidly into one last chorus, with particular praise to the clean vocals as they really are something special.

‘Good Stories’ coming in at track number three and despite starting off slower and calmer, it didn’t in any way dampen their fire. Once again, great chemistry between the two vocalists on the pre chorus and then into the chorus. Electronic music midway through, building the excitement just after a slight tempo drop, combining well with excellent guitar work. A mention for ‘Private Paradise’ as this starts off as if you were about to listen to a Hip-Hop track, but heavy guitars quickly dispel that. The Hip-Hop vibes stay throughout and a nice feature from Fronz, lead singer from Attila wraps up the end of this track.

Annisokay have produced a strong and spirited fourth LP of which, Christopher Wieczorek has played a huge part in creating this work of art. Not only contributing through fantastic vocal work, but also mastering, mixing and producing this exciting record. A record every member of Annisokay can be proud of and one that they hope can take them onto the bigger stage.


Peter Watts


Arms is out on the 17thAugust 2018 via Arising Empire Records


  1. Coma Blue 3:23
  2. Unaware 3:50
  3. Good Stories 4:19
  4. Fully Automatic 3:52
  5. Sea Of Trees 3:30
  6. Innocence Was Here 3:35
  7. Humanophobia 3:41
  8. End Of The World 3:26
  9. Escalators 3:19
  10. Private Paradise 3:21
  11. One Second 3:48
  12. Locked Out, Locked In 3:52

Annisokay is:

Dave Grunewald – Unclean Vocals

Christoph Wieczorek – Clean Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Philipp Kretzschmar – Lead Guitar

Norbert Rose – Bass

Nico Vaeen – Drums



‘Coma Blue’

‘Fully Automatic Tour 2018’
w/ I Set My Friends On Fire
Oct 18th – London, Islington Academy
Oct 19th – Birmingham, Asylum

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