Returning with a brand new EP, the All American Rejects are back with a bang. It’s been quiet from these guys since their last album Kids in the Street, which came out all the way back in 2012. The band has had multiple hits, including ‘Gives You Hell’ and ‘Dirty Little Secret,’ and multi-platinum-selling albums.

Their latest release is the two track EP that includes the colourful ‘Sweat’ and ‘Close Your Eyes.’ The band have grown over the years and this shows us a very different side to the guys from those great sing along hits we all love. The two tracks are linked together with a short film which you can check out here:

‘Sweat’ follows the night job of Betsy played by lead singer Tyson Ritter on the streets. Ritter struts the streets in his impressive high heels but the highlight has to be the choreographed dance scene during the guitar solo. So although the music has matured there is still that fun side we’ve come to love about these guys.

As the film moves on to ‘Close Your Eyes’ we see Ritter returning to his day as Robert. He returns home to a surprise party thrown by what appears to be his family and friends. Here we see Ritter interacting with his wife and living a life far from that of Betsy. However there is a twist at the end but you’ll have to watch the film to find that out!

The short film was directed by Jamie Thraves (Radiohead, Coldplay, Sam Smith, etc.) and is a fantastic look into the topic of identity. This is not the first time the band have addressed some serious topics, as the video for ‘Dirty Little Secret’

which shows people revealing their deepest secrets, which include homosexuality, suicide and mental illness.

But don’t get sidetracked by the film. The songs themselves are exceptional and are definitely worth checking out!



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