Thirsty have delivered a fine musical and almost cinematic experience in ‘Albatross’ –Tarantino-esque in narrative, rich in film noir drama with engaging melodies seeping from its very pours. Barely reaching more than a canter at any given stage, you can easily envelope yourself in its warm blanket like qualities, disengage from reality and give into its alluring persona.

For those unaware Thirsty is a collaboration between founding Quireboys guitarist Guy Bailey, and Russian poet Irina D. Now that sounds like an unlikely team, and when I read the press release and the back story to the inspiration behind songs like the albums opening track ‘The Albatross’ – a number based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ or ‘Chaos’ which identifies a character who was inexplicably left out of the original draft of John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’, I had a quiet “What the fuck” moment to myself and wondered what I had got myself into, but the music quietly speaks for itself.

Organic in its approach and following a rare path in its story telling, Albatross is a step back in time with its unfaltering faith in the powerful immediacy of the 3 minute, 45 rpm, single format, its 1960’s ethereal vibe and engaging soundtrack just draw you in, delivered beautifully by a carefully assembled ensemble, Drummer Simon Hanson(Death In Vegas, Squeeze), bass and keyboards man Chris Johnstone (The Quireboys), and backing vocalist Lynne Jackaman (Saint Jude, Jackaman) round out the sound, while esteemed Stones producer Chris Kimseycompletes the dream team on both their self-titled debut and the imminent follow-up, ‘Albatross’.

For sure their ghostly approach and succinct songwriting will appeal once again, winning over new and old fans, with its passionately produced stories and wholesome compositions its hard not to like an album like ‘Albatross’.

Guy comments, “I’ve wanted to do this for years… Making the second album was much easier for us – mainly because the first Thirsty album is a great blueprint.  It has to be lots of fun to make. We keep the music sounding as live as possible. Apart from that, our only rule is that there are no rules.”

It’s a rare thing indeed to have a band approach an album so organically and honestly, crafting 11 finely penned tunes that allow you to simply stop and breathe once again,

Disengage yourself from that race we call ‘Rat’ and enjoy. ‘Albatross’ is out Nov 7th via Thirsty Music.


Track Listing


The Albatross



Say It Ain’t So Joe

Black Hole

Beat Of Her Heart

Va Banque

Shore Of Light

Parliament Of Fools

Cosmic Aphrodite

Patriotic Little Trash


Albatross - 'Thirsty' - Album Review
8Overall Score

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