German based Post-Hardcore band Alazka released their latest offering Phoenix on September 1st via Sharptone Records and it is a beauty. A fusion of serene melodic vocal moments provided by vocalist Kassim Auale, interlaced by the brutal vocals of their second vocalist Tobias Rische, provides you with musical vision on a cinematic scale.

The album opens with a seductive melody to lure you into a false sense of security about your journey ahead. The melodic intro leads you beautifully into the album’s first video ‘Ghost,’ which is a mesh of serenity and destruction all at once.

Followed up by ‘Empty Throne,’ you have another brutal yet beautiful number that at times could be played on any radio station worldwide, until Rische’s violent and stunning vocals send parents diving for their volume knobs as their children scream and cry “Why, mommy, why?”

Fast forward 10 or 15 years and the same children will be down front and centre in the front row screaming these lyrics at the top of their voices. If ever there was a band that beautifully represents the angst and turmoil of a frustrated generation, Alazka are that band. The fusion between the melodic and the manic provide the perfect vehicle for those who crave catchy, easy listening Rock and those who need a little bit of fury in the mix. Each and every track on this exquisitely crafted album is stunning.

Huge in sound and magnificently produced, you get every nuance across this incredible production, from the thrashing guitars of Marvin Bruckwilder and Dario Sanchez to the bass of Julian Englisch. On the album’s second video release and self-titled track ‘Phoenix’ you get to enjoy every subtlety available on this magnificent number.

A truly cohesive sounding album from start to finish, it simply delivers on every level. As with every genre, Hardcore may or may not be your cup of tea, but if you are into it then you need not look further than Alazka for your fix; few do it better.


Phoenix was released on September 1st via Sharptone Records & Arising Empire and is one of the highlights of 2017.


The guys are currently on tour throughout Europe and play 2 UK shows only; catch them while you can.


1. Echoes 1:05
2. Ghost 3:21
3. Empty Throne 4:10 4. The Witness 3:49
5. Everglow 3:43
6. Ash 0:33
7. Phoenix 3:59
8. Everything 3:58
9. Hearts of Gold 3:50 10. Legacy 4:40
11. Blossom 4:26
12. Fading Flame 3:38




17.09.17 Germany Hannover @ Mephisto
18.09.17 Germany Dortmund @ FZW
19.09.17 UK Cardiff @ Fuel
20.09.17 UK London @ The Black Heart
21.09.17 NL Haarlem @ Patronaat
22.09.17 Germany Trier @ Exhaus
23.09.17 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
24.09.17 Italy Milan @ Circolo Svolta
25.09.17 Austria Wien @ Chelsea
26.09.17 Germany Berlin @ Musik & Frieden
27.09.17 Poland Warsaw @ Hydrozagadka
28.09.17 Czech Rep Prague @ Rock Cafe
29.09.17 Germany Dresden @ Konk Klub
30.09.17 Germany Stuttgart @ KellerKlub



Alazka - 'Phoenix' - Post-Hardcore - Album Review
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