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World’s Best Hope

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All 41

All 41


All 41 are the culmination of four very talented musicians combining to create a classic, melodic sounding Rock album in the vein of the great AOR bands of days gone by. Introducing none other than the amazing Terry Brock on lead vocals (Giant, Strangeways), together with Robert Berry (Three, Alliance) on bass and vocals, Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar, Alliance) on guitar and Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr Big) on drums.


World’s Best Hope is the result of that gathering, a collection of immediately addictive and memorable songs that take you back in time to the heyday of the likes of Van Halen, Boston, Journey and Foreigner. There seems to be a resurgence in Classic Rock bands, whether it’s nostalgia, or just a demand in the industry. With the likes of The Night Flight Orchestra, The Riverdogs and Snakecharmer, we are seeing a revival of the classic AOR music bands in force, which many of you out there will absolutely love.


In an industry, which never stands still, and with the ever-increasing genres appearing in Rock and Metal, it is not surprising to see the resurgence of Classic Rock. The music industry tends to be quite cyclical, so with All 41 they will no doubt touch a broad audience of fans who were in their teens at the height of melodic Rock back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Whitesnake will forever live in the hearts and minds of Rock fans of that era and All 41 will undoubtedly resonate with that now maturing fan base.


As for the album itself, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The inoffensive, melodic, easy listening collection of 11 finely penned tracks will carry you through your day humming along with each and every tune. Production is first class and showcases the guys’ talents across the board. Any of the tracks could be a single, as they are rich in quality and have huge melodic choruses to sing along to. You get a bit of everything here, intricate guitar work laced with fat keyboards, and solid vocal displays throughout. The guys clearly gelled together well to create a cohesive album across the board, and one which will no doubt quench that thirst for AOR and appease the masses in need of a quick fix.


World’s Best Hope is released 07-07-17 via Frontiers Music.


Track List


  1. ‘After the Rain’
  2. ‘Cyanide’
  3. ‘Down Life’s Pages’
  4. ‘Mother Don’t Cry’
  5. ‘Show Me the Way’
  6. ‘Walk Alone’
  7. ‘Don’t Surrender (To Love)’
  8. ‘Hero in Your Life’
  9. ‘Never Back Down Again’
  • ‘Who Knows’
  • ‘The World’s Best Hope’


ALL 41 is:

Terry Brock – lead vocals
Robert Berry – bass guitar, vocals
Gary Pihl – lead guitars
Matt Starr – drums


Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio



All 41 - 'World’s Best Hope' - Album Review
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