Kataklysm – ‘Meditations’ – Album Review

Formed in 1991 and still pushing boundaries, Kataklysm bring their latest offering to the world and show that the music they make is still bloody brilliant. From the start of the album ‘Guillotine’ introduce...
Nekrokraft - 'Servants'

Nekrokraft – ‘Servants’ – Album Review

Five-piece Swedish Black Thrash Metal band Nekrokraft bring their debut full-length album to the world and show off their elaborate blend of darkness with a high pace so that every aspect compliments each other...

Overkill – ‘Live At Overhausen’ – Album Review

On 16thApril 2016, Overkill took over Oberhausen and renamed it Overhausen as part of their special live album that combined celebrations of both Feel The Fire andHoororscopewhich celebrated their 30thand 25tha...

Behemoth – ‘Messe Noire’ – Album Review

Let’s be honest live albums can be risky, they are usually terrible or brilliant. There has been a big push by Behemoth for this release, with numerous special pre-order bundles including vinyl, Blu-ray, t-shir...

Memoriam – ‘The Silent Vigil’ – Album Review

The time has come for the test of the difficult second album for veterans Memoriam, however realistically this isn’t the second album, with members from Bolt Thrower and Benediction, this is their second releas...