Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne – ‘Port St Joe’ – Album Review

Brothers Osborne returns with their sophomore album Port St Joe today and it is an absolute beauty. A sublime collection of finely crafted songs to whet the appetite, and get your groove on! It would be unfair ...
Between Kings

Between Kings – ‘The Escape’ – Album Review

Australia has done it once more in bringing us another great band with ​Between Kings​. The post alternative rock band are due to release their debut album ​The Escape ​on the 4th May and have already...

Depravity – ‘Evil Upheaval’ – Album Review

If you like your Death Metal brutal and fast paced then the new release by Depravity is definitely one to get your hands on. From the opening twisted sample and sound of the guitars you know that what you ar...

Nale – ‘Death, Skulls & Satan’ – Album Review

What more can be said about the Swedish metalers Nale other than they are they are fast, loud and amazing. With a not so subtle sound, sledgehammers spring to mind, they have come up with an absolutely stunning...

Punchline – ‘Lion’ – Album Review

Since 2004 ​Punchline​ have strived to be their own band showing their own version of pop-punk music and their latest release ​Lion ​is no different. This is the album that the band has said is what t...