Danny Worsnop has taken a minor detour from his to date successful career in Asking Alexandria & We Are Harlotto pen his first solo release; The Long Road Home. With a twist in the tale this is not your usual rock star scratching their inflated ego, rather a journey of self-exploration all through the medium of … Country?

Now, now settle down, I can feel the palpable tension rising out there but this ain’t your run of the mill country album.  This is a blues-rock infested journey through the mind of a torn musician, bravely bleeding his heart out via 12 finely penned tunes.  Told through one of the best story telling mediums music has to offer – Country!  Immediately you know this is not what you expected, as the opening lines “Prozac & Coffee Black” reverberate through your speakers you know you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Danny has drawn on his own personal tragedies in the lyrics and you get a sense of the pain and anguish at the centre of this melodic opener.

Mexico brings a change of pace, the up-tempo number was the albums 1st single and it’s a catchy, naughty little number.  The video parading scantily clad models and guys with tattoos as Danny belts out the lyrics.  A play, I’m sure, on the clash of cultures between the rock life and the newly explored country venture. I Feel Like Shit gives you a taste of Danny’s sense of humor in this quirky track, but its not until Anyone but Me that I feel we get a real sense of who Danny Worsnop could be as a country artist. A beautifully penned song with your first real taste of Danny’svocal prowess on this album, with a raspy and tonal quality unseen in the earlier tracks you know he’s arrived now.

This is powerfully reiterated in High, again you just feel the emotion in the melody and vocal delivery put in by Dannyin this majestic track.  With every aching bone in his body as he lays down a mesmerizing vocal once again, at the age of only 26 Danny seems to have lived a lifetime through these songs. Tastefully done and cohesive throughout, the album flows from one catchy track to another, a testament to his songwriting capabilities and ability to deliver the breadth of a full album. I’ll Hold On and & Midnight Woman are just a few of the further highlights on this album.

I have to applaud Danny, not just for courageously taking the step outside his comfort zone, but for the doing it balls out 100% with an album of the quality of Long Road Home. A journey about self discovery and a cathartic experience I’m sure, it takes a brave man to face his demons and then open himself up for criticism by putting it out there publicly.

 Long Road Home Released on Feb 17th 2017 via Earache Records is a highly addictive album that’ll have all you guys n’ dolls reaching for your ass-less chaps and cowboy boots toot suite!


“The Long Road Home” track listing:

01. Prozac

02. Mexico

03. I Feel Like Shit

04. Anyone But Me

05. High

06. I Got Bones

07. Quite A While

08. Don’t Overdrink It

09. I’ll Hold On

10. Midnight Woman

11. Same Old Ending

12. The Man

“The Long Road Home” is available now on limited-edition signed CD and coloured vinyl, along with a range of merch bundles.



Danny Worsnop – ‘Long Road Home’ – Album Review
10Overall Score

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