TOMORROW’S EVE raise the curtain for their Progressive Metal comeback album “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros”

The German Progressive Metal veterans TOMORROW’S EVE start with their fifth studio album “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros”, which will be released on April 27, 2018 through Baze Records, a comeback that could not be more majestic, varied and bombastic. Not only fans of orchestral epics and varied Progressive Metal should have the complex concept work about the past and perhaps future human history in mind. TOMORROW’S EVE, consisting of singer Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta, Lalu, Nachtgeschrei), both founding members guitarist Rainer Grund and keyboard player Oliver Schwickert as well as bass legend Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss) and drummer John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, Labyrinth, Ark, TNT), enter with “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” into the next distinctive dimension of their work. Remarkable impressions for your eyes and ears can already be seen in the following album trailer as well as in the teaser for the music video!

Tomorrow’s Eve

TOMORROW’S EVE are more than just the sum of their parts: musically, a driving rhythm section, sensitive piano passages, acoustic guitars and extensive soundscapes merge with the lyrical concept of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. With “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros”, the band once again succeeds in strengthening their reputation and this is evident in the eleven songs in all respects. Especially songs like “Bread And Circuses”, whose staccato-like lyric video takes your breath away, or the track “Dream Within A Dream”, which presents the fascinating climax of the musical theatre cycle, show parallels to established acts of the scene like Iron Maiden or Savatage. The brilliant artwork, as well as the lyric video, have been produced by Andy Pilkington (Very Metal Art), who already has worked for artists like Threshold, Flotsam & Jetsam or Orden Ogan. Both accentuate the dense atmosphere in a visual eye-catching way and contributes significantly to the overall effect of the concept as the following planned videos will show as well.

Tomorrow's Eve | Mirror Of Creation III – Projekt Ikaros

Curtain up for the tracklist of the concept album “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros”:

  1. Welcome To The Show
  2. Morpheus
  3. Bread And Circuses
  4. Imago
  5. The System
  6. Law And Order
  7. Dream Within A Dream
  8. Terminal
  9. Inner Sanctum
  10. Somnium Ex Machina
  11. Gods Among Each Other

For the latest info, tour dates and events around “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” and TOMORROW’S EVE, keep an eye on the quintet’s website and Facebook page. Furthermore, you can find all relevant information in the band’s profile.




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