Manic Kat Records is thrilled to announce “Loci”, the latest music video from Right On, Kid!’s EP “Forever Missing Out”.  Loosely based on a memorization technique that some people use to help organize important dates and time, the song is focused toward uncomfortable feelings or “demons” that make living with yourself harder than it should be and creating a space in your head that you feel comfortable in.  “Loci” was directed by Mario J. Rivera who also produced the video for ”Lunchbox Special” from Hard To Hit, another MKR band.

Right On, Kid’s lead singer, Zach Rose, had this to say about the making of their new video…
“This video was so much fun to make.  Mario helped us capture the meaning of the song in a way we never thought possible.  Shout out all the lamps and TVs that bravely gave their lives for the greater good.

Right On, Kid! began as an acoustic project in 2014, formed by friends Zach Rose and Nick Encinias.  Their style was a catchy pop punk flavor; raw and unapologetic.  Gaining attention and popularity playing shows around Albuquerque, the guys decided to put together a full band, adding a drummer to their lineup.  In the summer of 2015 ROK added RJ Butler on lead guitar and Tieler Cooper on bass guitar.  As a full 5 piece band, the group began writing music for their debut EP “On The Brighter Side of Things”, released in April of 2016.

In the Fall of 2016 the original drummer left the band and Elijah Pomerleau was added on drums as ROK began to write music for the next EP.  While the bands first EP was styled after the music of pop-punk’s forefathers, ROK’s sophomore album, “Forever Missing Out”, showcases their own unique addition to the genre.  “Forever Missing Out” was recorded at Duke City Sound Studio in the band’s hometown and was released in May of 2018.

Right On, Kid! is currently touring with fellow Manic Kat Records’ bands, Noise Brigade and Hard To Hit, on the West Coast Ace VenToura Tour.

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