CONCRETE KINGDOMS are here to stamp their imprint on the UK scene, and the
Scottish Rockers have the perfect bait in the form of their blistering debut
self-titled EP, out Friday 17th August.

CONCRETE KINGDOMS are an electrifying hard rock band from Fife, Scotland.
Taking inspiration from Guns N Roses, Alter Bridge, Audioslave and Led
Zeppelin, the emerging quintet have been winning over audiences since their
formation. Supports shows with the likes of Puddle of Mudd, Diamond Head,
Mitch Malloy and Nazareth, as well as festival appearances at Rockmantic on
the Road and Wildfire, and opening the Winter Storm Festival for Ricky
Warwick, FM, and Inglorious, has only served to increase CONCRETE KINGDOMS’
budding reputation.

The band are set to plough forward even further with the release of their
debut EP, out this August. Spitting out four cuts of crushing rock, framed
by driving guitars, measured song structures and engulfing hooks, the record
is a must have for all die-hard rock fans. Their new single, Time To Play,
is ripe for radio and is sure to grace the airwaves this Summer. For
festival and tour announcements, check out the band’s social sites.


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